Portugal 2014 A Wise Investment

JustBe Revived no responses Oftentimes we women are busy multi-tasking,investing in our families, homes, careers and interest. Busy, busy, busy. So Portugal 2014 represented an ideal time to take the time and invest in ourselves. The theme for the break was ‘Why do we worry?’Over 40 women from different ages and stages in life came on the break. Some had been on previous breaks whilst others like myself, were newbies. Bu

JustMeChanics Workshop

JustBe Practical no responses Have you ever been driving, music bursting out of the speakers and you singing at the top of your voice, when you suddenly notice vehicles driving past flashing their lights at you or waving and pointing ?..You continue driving only to realise that it was not your hilarious facial expressions as you were singing but it was your car they were trying to alert you about…flat tyre! Oh yes that has h

Authentically You Spa Day 2010

Blog no responses What an amazing day! From the word "go" the women were eager to see what JustBe had on offer. The day started with an informative and thought provoking workshop - Authentically You! run by Jennifer Denny, who talked about women being authentic and true to themselves. Among the many things she talked about, she encouraged the women to take at least ten minutes out of their day for themselves, to fo