A Pause ‘Not’ A Full Stop

Blog no responses  7 June 2014 marked the re-launch of JustBe.   As I began to have initial thoughts about what I would write the word renewal and then I thought about the word 're'.  A quick trawl of the web gives various definitions such as again and again, regarding, with reference to, withdrawal, to go back. The re-launch of JustBe wasn’t just a re-launch it also represented a powerful analogy of what hap

JustBe Fundraising Event 2012

Blog no responses Dear Yvette! I would just like to say that it was an honour and a privilege to be a part of JustBe’s Fundraising Event on Saturday. I haven't stopped talking about it! I must be honest and say that initially I wasn't too keen on attending. I didn't know what to expect. I'm pleased to say it far surpassed anything I could have imagined. From the moment I turned up with a friend to unload the book

Just Where? Just Why? Just Who?

Blog no responses Just where were those elegantly dressed women heading on the afternoon of Saturday 7 June? Just why was St George Christchurch buzzing with delicious music and bedecked with stalls featuring mouth-watering cupcakes and Afrocentric fashion and beauty products? Just who was expected to entertain the assembled gathering at the waiting podium? JustBe was Relaunching! JustBe, is a vibrant community ini

Amazing Art Workshops

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