A Beautiful Mind

JustBe Film Club one response The evening commenced on a cold Friday night, with the gathering of ten ladies in the warm and cosy setting of the home of our hostess with the most-est, Yvette McDonald. The room was dimly lit by candle and all guests were comfortably seated, contentedly indulging in our popcorn and other delectable delights. The movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ was an American biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash’s delusional episodes in his vivid and imaginable world during his development of paranoid schizophrenia. It was a thrilling love story as we watched John Nash (played by Russell Crowe), who was a mathematical genius laser-focus on the solution and remedy for his illness.  His love of mathematical probability solutions was the driving force that kept him going, coupled with the love and support of his wife, Alicia. There were moments throughout the movie when even to the viewers it became indistinguishable to what was reality or part of the delusion; an insight into what it must have been like for John being an introspective character suffering with paranoid schizophrenia.  One can only imagine that his world must have been filled with much darkness, confusion, obscurity, uncertainty, frustration and distrust. In essence, the world of his wife would have mirrored that and some more. What could or would make anyone stay and support someone so difficult to live with?  John had the potential to harm his wife physically, psychologically and emotionally. She knew this but was still prepared to absorb the risk.  For some of us watching, her stay was imminent but for others it would have been too unbearable to endure. John lived in a world where there were people he was familiar with that showed up and conversed with him, even instructing him, yet they were only a part of the delusional episodes he tried to conquer. As part of the remedy, John decided to ignore them, even though he could hear and see them.  We could only liken this to a living hell. Watching the movie, was a mixture of ladies whose professional backgrounds were familiar within the realms of the Mental Health Institute as well as those whose backgrounds were not. So the discussion at the end of the movie was extremely diverse and informative.  The experts in the room informed us of the issues of living with mental health illnesses and the urgent need to raise more awareness. The movie itself, gave a real insight into the world of mental illness as it allowed us all to vaguely experience what it is like to live in a world when you are unsure of what elements are real and what are not.  Most of all, it demonstrated what the power of love can do! Claire Walters

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