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Gather and Grow

Blog no responses Well what can I say... 6 weeks of learning about “Knowing and Doing The Will of God" God certainly moves in mysterious ways.  The group was held on a Friday evening fortnightly for six sessions. The theme was knowing the Will of God and acting on it. Women who had put aside time on a busy Friday evening to fellowship together in a warm, comfortable and safe environment. The sessions were very i

BHM Dinner & Dance – 11 October 2014

Blog no responses JustBe’s flagship event, the Black History Month dinner and dance, saw 190 dazzling guests descend on the Croydon Park Hotel on 11 October.  This was JustBe’s 5th annual celebration of black achievement throughout the ages, and especially the often unsung role of black women. Yvette McDonald, Founder of JustBe, warmly welcomed guests.  She reminded us of JustBe’s vision to empower women to

A Pause ‘Not’ A Full Stop

Blog no responses  7 June 2014 marked the re-launch of JustBe.   As I began to have initial thoughts about what I would write the word renewal and then I thought about the word 're'.  A quick trawl of the web gives various definitions such as again and again, regarding, with reference to, withdrawal, to go back. The re-launch of JustBe wasn’t just a re-launch it also represented a powerful analogy of what hap

JustBe Fundraising Event 2012

Blog no responses Dear Yvette! I would just like to say that it was an honour and a privilege to be a part of JustBe’s Fundraising Event on Saturday. I haven't stopped talking about it! I must be honest and say that initially I wasn't too keen on attending. I didn't know what to expect. I'm pleased to say it far surpassed anything I could have imagined. From the moment I turned up with a friend to unload the book

Just Where? Just Why? Just Who?

Blog no responses Just where were those elegantly dressed women heading on the afternoon of Saturday 7 June? Just why was St George Christchurch buzzing with delicious music and bedecked with stalls featuring mouth-watering cupcakes and Afrocentric fashion and beauty products? Just who was expected to entertain the assembled gathering at the waiting podium? JustBe was Relaunching! JustBe, is a vibrant community ini

Amazing Art Workshops

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Authentically You Spa Day 2010

Blog no responses What an amazing day! From the word "go" the women were eager to see what JustBe had on offer. The day started with an informative and thought provoking workshop - Authentically You! run by Jennifer Denny, who talked about women being authentic and true to themselves. Among the many things she talked about, she encouraged the women to take at least ten minutes out of their day for themselves, to fo


Blog no responses I heard about JustBe Spa breaks through my sister and I was keen to go. We missed last year and promised we will make the next one especially after hearing how wonderful it was from a friend who attended so when this year’s came up we jumped on the boat and put our names down. We were given ample time to save up the money either on our own or through Yvette’s (the Founder) saving scheme. The c