Gather and Grow

Blog no responses Well what can I say... 6 weeks of learning about “Knowing and Doing The Will of God" God certainly moves in mysterious ways.  The group was held on a Friday evening fortnightly for six sessions. The theme was knowing the Will of God and acting on it. Women who had put aside time on a busy Friday evening to fellowship together in a warm, comfortable and safe environment. The sessions were very inviting. The calmness of God’s presence could be felt as we began each session with prayer and worship to forget about the frustrations of the week and to be able to focus on God, his loving kindness and His plans for us. The relaxing environment made it possible to share experiences, testimonies, give encouragement and edify one another. We were able to openly share personal situations in the confidence of sisters in Christ who offered reassurance through prayer and wisdom. We had moments of tears, lots of laughter and also silent times for thought and reflection. The Bible verse to memorise each week also was a source of encouragement and discipline. I would like to say a big "thank you" to Brenda who led our sessions with a difference and to all the woman who attended and woke up my Friday evening. Thank You Alison & Yvette! Sharon Donnegan

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