Just Where? Just Why? Just Who?

Blog no responses Just where were those elegantly dressed women heading on the afternoon of Saturday 7 June? Just why was St George Christchurch buzzing with delicious music and bedecked with stalls featuring mouth-watering cupcakes and Afrocentric fashion and beauty products? Just who was expected to entertain the assembled gathering at the waiting podium?

JustBe was Relaunching!

JustBe, is a vibrant community initiative founded by Yvette McDonald.  It aims to give women of all ages and backgrounds the confidence and companionship to develop as individuals – to learn, share, relax and grow.  Based on the premise that as women we spend the majority of our adult lives focussed on caring for others, JustBe provides an opportunity for women to take time out and invest in themselves.  Now 5 years old, JustBe held a celebratory event to mark a new beginning, a re-birth of sorts. Around 200 delegates filled the venue.  Welcoming smiles and nods of recognition swept the room.  Ushered in by the smooth vocals of Shivon Bailey, Yvette McDonald, Founder and Chief Executive, spoke with passion about her vision for the organisation, and introduced each of the reformed management team.  The need for further volunteers to get involved and for help with marketing and fundraising, was an open invitation to every delegate to support the work of this voluntary organisation in any way they could. Like a box of luxury chocolates, the JustBe programme for the coming months was offered to the audience, each activity and workshop temptingly wrapped and beautifully presented: from film nights to live debates, from art classes to car mechanic workshops, from bible studies to spa retreats in Portugal, there was something for every taste. Guest speakers Heidi Alexander, MP and Dr Angela Christopher MBE delivered inspirational addresses.  Informative and motivational, Ms Alexander challenged everyone to consider the gender inequalities in our democratic systems and the role women could, and should play in politics.  Angela, captivated the audience with her creative interpretation of JustBe’s journey.  Her humorous anecdotes underlay a sincere and uplifting call for women to be true to their own identity. On 7th June JustBe proved to us all how small dreams, planted in fertile soil and carefully nurtured, can give birth to glorious shoots of growth. That’s just what JustBe is doing, right now. Laura Osborne-McLean   IMG_2009 IMG_1687 IMG_1584 IMG_1361

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