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JustBe Practical no responses Have you ever been driving, music bursting out of the speakers and you singing at the top of your voice, when you suddenly notice vehicles driving past flashing their lights at you or waving and pointing ?..You continue driving only to realise that it was not your hilarious facial expressions as you were singing but it was your car they were trying to alert you about…flat tyre! Oh yes that has happened to me. What about looking in your rear view mirror and seeing the driver in the car behind making all sorts of hand gestures to you until finally stuck behind you in traffic he holds up a mirror written note in big print to tell you that your rear break lights are not working? Yes that has also happened to me! What about running out of petrol when you thought you had enough to get you to the next petrol station or even worse seeing the engine oil icon illuminated on the dashboard? JustMeChanics Workshop When I heard about the JustMeChanics workshop I was eager to attend. As a female who spends a lot of time in my car I was fed up with having car problems, many of which were very basic and made me feel embarrassed at the garage along with the ridiculous price I then had to pay for something I should have been able to prevent or sort myself. The workshop I would highly recommend, I personally feel that the cost was far too low for all the information and hands on experience we received throughout the day plus refreshments. The Workshop was run by Clive Macdonald who ran us through the jam packed schedule and who spoke on the subject matter with great knowledge and no jargon. There were lots to take in and learn but it was all done in a calm relaxing and informal way and lots of laughter. A great deal was learnt about maintaining my own car with lots of money saving and safety tips included…… do you know what the legal requirements are for the tread on your tyres or even how to measure it? Life after JustMeChanics I am so glad that I attended the workshop, I am more confident when driving my vehicle. I regularly check under the bonnet of my car and top up the fluid levels. Since the workshop I have had to deal with changing headlights , side lights and breaklights,replacing my cracked coolant bottle, dealing with a slow puncture (although I did not have to jack the car up and remove the wheel myself but I would have been confident doing it if I had to). When I now take my car to a garage I understand what they are talking about and I have found that by showing you have some knowledge of how your vehicle works and dropping hints that I attended a car mechanic course can work wonders on the quick diagnostics and quotes for the work. When I am faced with a car problem, I no longer panic and call for a strong male to come to my assistance but calmly reach for my car bible. Yes the handbook! And check the basics first. This workshop is a must! There is so much to learn in a fun environment….Do you know what is under your car bonnet?

Sharon Donnegan

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