Portugal 2014 A Wise Investment

JustBe Revived no responses Oftentimes we women are busy multi-tasking,investing in our families, homes, careers and interest. Busy, busy, busy. So Portugal 2014 represented an ideal time to take the time and invest in ourselves. The theme for the break was ‘Why do we worry?’Over 40 women from different ages and stages in life came on the break. Some had been on previous breaks whilst others like myself, were newbies. But first of all the concept for this break and previous ones is ‘Just Be’. Whether ‘Just Be’ was resting, relaxing, shopping, talking or having spa treatments the concept gave us permission to do what is sometimes difficult in our everyday lives and ‘Just Be’.


OK, first up, this trip was well thought out,planned and executed. We stayed in a good hotel located literally on the beach. We each had a goody bag waiting for us on our bed reminding us about the theme for the break.Meal times were leisurely with conversations flowing as freely as the food! The film night was an eye opener and a jaw dropper; spa treatments were on point, trips were easy to organise but ultimately you were free to spend your time as you wanted to.What I really want to get to is this, I saw women in the stages of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Some of the interactions were light hearted and funny, one was deeply moving and poignant.

‘We are all a work in progress’

Turning to the last night, we dressed up on the last night. Or as one of my sisters would say tun up and tun out! Dinner on our table was punctuated with much laughter about Elaine’s tumultuous river umm or was it sea cruise? Thanks for being so good natured Elaine. In you I saw the ability to laugh at yourself.

‘Two step, salsa or line dance?’

Then there was the dance floor on the last night. We needed a change in let’s say the genre of the music and following the combined efforts of Cecilia, Yvette and Stella we effected change! DJ Stella took requests and it was just left to us to take command of the dance floor. Roll tunes like Happy, Cubitt Shuffle and Cameo. Pity we ran out of time it seems apt to have danced to ‘We are family I got all my sisters with me’. Alas, maybe next time.


I saw much more than I have attested to here but the important thing is that Jesus saw each and every one of us. May He satisfy our mouths, necessity and desire at our personal age and situation with good so that our youth is renewed like the eagle (Psalm103:5). Portugal 2014 taught me the value of really seeing people and taking time to listen to them, and because of wise choices and wise investments, I am far richer than before. It doesn’t end there we get to meet up in June -Hallelujah!


Women from different ages and stages in life I met Michaela and Tanika in the hotel reception. We had a short and humorous conversation with a promise of a chocolate snack bar which they duly left outside of my hotel room. I saw them as daughters.Marcia and Christina kindly allowed my friend Janet and I to go shopping with them. I saw their kindness. In Emily I saw a lifetime of experience. One night Dolly dressed very elegantly for dinner in gold and black. I saw her dignity. A life marking moment was spent with Kay sharing loving memories of her daughter with me. I saw her love, courage and her tenacity.Then there was our fellowship time on Thursday continuing the theme ‘Why do we worry’. We were encouraged to write down our worries and concerns and bring them to the session so they could be prayed over. Stella led us in worship and from the first song ‘I know that I can make it’. Well… I echo something I heard long before this break. Jesus turned up and Jesus turned out. Tears of release and tears of renewal flowed. I scanned the room and I saw a panorama of emotion and pain and I saw gestures of concern and gestures of comfort.

‘Jesus turned up and Jesus turned out’

Karon shared scriptures on worry and a song. My talk was about ‘In peace and not in pieces’. Yvette talked on ‘I choose to worship and not worry’. Alison talked was entitled ‘Baby don’t worry’ and she crowned her presentation with getting us all up to sing Bob Marley’s song ‘Don’t worry about a thing’. For the women who won gifts and giggled like little girls, I remember you with a smile on my face. IMG_0424 IMG_0413 Miscellaneous 205 photo 1

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