A Pause ‘Not’ A Full Stop

Blog no responses  7 June 2014 marked the re-launch of JustBe.   As I began to have initial thoughts about what I would write the word renewal and then I thought about the word 're'.  A quick trawl of the web gives various definitions such as again and again, regarding, with reference to, withdrawal, to go back. The re-launch of JustBe wasn’t just a re-launch it also represented a powerful analogy of what happens when we experience significant life events like bereavement, separation, divorce.  JustBe was founded in 2009 by Yvette McDonald.

‘A powerful analogy’

When I looked at the postings on the website earlier this year I noticed that postings ceased in 2012.  In 2012 JustBe’s Treasurer, Sharon Brown, died - she was Yvette’s best friend.  I didn’t know Sharon but I have heard about her briefly and it is clear that her death was profoundly felt. In many ways, the loss of Sharon could have simply been a full stop but she left a legacy.  I never met her but I benefited from the labour she had invested in JustBe and it has, without a doubt, been part of a life changing process for me and probably for some of the 48 women that went to Portugal this year.

Sharon…left a legacy’

Following a pause the evidence of JustBe’s revival was evident to see.  The relaunch was a completely different level and showed JustBe in a state of bloom.  Think of the beginning of a garden in early summer. People turned up to support the re-launch because they believed in and some of us already had positive experiences from JustBe’s activities. We heard from various contributors, the Trustees and two wonderful women:  Heidi Alexander MP and Dr Angela Christopher MBE.  As I reflect on the experiences they shared they did not allow pauses to become full stops.  In fact they encouraged women to go against the grain and persevere. Maybe you once dreamt but you think those dreams, for whatever reasons, are now dead.  May I encourage you to challenge your thinking and perceptions to prayerfully and thoughtfully reconsider?

‘Challenge your thinking’

The scripture that has been coming to me as I write this is: “The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel.   Judges 5:7” Deborah was also a judge and she recognised that this was not a full stop.  She saw the condition of others around her and she acted and removed the pause. As you reflect choose to arise, remove pauses and demolish full stops and reframe situations with truth. The truth is you are fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139:14.

‘Choose to Arise’

Sharon left a legacy that supports women to develop and grow and oh what a legacy it is. What a legacy indeed. Dawn H Jones (June 2014) IMG_1683 IMG_1881 IMG_1426

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