no responses Exodus 14:13-14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace." Last year we joined the thousands of parents around the country selecting schools for their 3-4 year olds. We visited schools, read reports then selected the 5 we felt could offer our son a good start to his formal education. When the date arrived for selection we eagerly opened our letter to discover Sam had not been placed in any of our choices, the place that was offered was further away & would have taken 2 different buses to get to. We turned it down. We called 'the council', we pleaded our case. We asked why & how come, these schools were within a short walking distance of our home? We called friends, we prayed, We appealed, we got letters from my consultant. We persisted. I cried. We were told that for our 3rd choice Sam was number 34 on the waiting list. We were told that of the 160 appeals made in our borough last year only ONE was upheld. We were told about 2 other schools & although they were rated good, they were still impossible (especially for me) to get to unless I took a taxi each day. I threatened to chain myself to the school gates, march into the Mayor’s office to get him to 'sort it out' We considered home schooling and private schooling. I actually felt like I'd failed my child. We've had to keep Sam in nursery an extra year, which was tough especially when my sick pay ended & there was no income for a time. I thought we'd have to take him out of nursery (so i cried some more) but we discovered that we were over a month in credit with his fees! We were then given a date for next Wednesday 2nd July 2014 to meet the appeals team to plead our case again. I was going ready to 'fight'. A few weeks ago Sam was talking to our neighbours son about their big schools and declared that he was going to Sandhurst (our first choice). My heart crumbled as I wondered how I'd break it to him that he was probably going elsewhere. Yesterday morning after we broke bread, Paul received a phone call from the school admissions team, they wanted to know if we'd received the letter yet? What letter Paul asked, the letter confirming that Samuel Luke Oluamuyiwa Williams had been given a place this September at our first choice school, Sandhurst. So no appeal hearing, no fighting, no chaining myself to school gates! Our son the prophet said it and our God heard it. I wanted to share this yesterday but with all the crying and praising it didn't happen but I really hope someone who has been 'waiting' will be encouraged and "Wait I say, on The Lord" This past year has been stressful to say the least so to you who has supported, encouraged, prayed and held us to account, thank you. Michelle Williams

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