User Prayer

My young Cousin Paul has Cancer n is in hospital. I believe God is going to heal him but im trying to start a prayer chain for him as saints join their faith together believing in our God thru the power of Prayer. If God healed him before He can do it again..!!!

Brenda's Response

Hi Angel Yes he can do it again! Setting up a prayer chain is good. Your faith and those praying will reach another level. Always remember it is what God's will is that is important. In Isaiah 55 v 8 & 9 His ways and thoughts are not like ours so the final outcome belongs to God but he also requires us to have faith and pray, Matthew 17 v 20 & 21. You must speak the word, sleep it and believe it. Find others that have been healed of cancer (this will strengthen your faith & your cousin). Then let God do the rest.  B

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