Moments4Seniors Launch Event!

moments 4 seniors logo

moments 4 seniors logo

Pillars of our Society

The elders in our society are our foundation and we would like to make sure they are valued in our community – if they are happy we are happier! They have sacrificed so much and have laid the foundation for us to walk on and why we can still be here today.

Moments4Seniors are fun activities for elderly people. This enables them to keep their minds sharp, bodies strong and spirits high.


We are creating an atmosphere for them to spend time with their peers whether it’s a trip to the seaside, playing a game of dominoes or just kicking back and reminiscing about the good old days. We rely on our generous supporters to help provide our seniors with these wonderful opportunities including workshops and special events.


Help us to bring more wonderful adventures to our seniors.  With your generous donations we can continue our wonderful work providing events for the most deserving members of our society  We can say ‘thank you’ in the most practical of ways – by giving back something to help create wonderful memories.

Join our Community!

Get involved now and find new friends, new shared experiences, and create more wonderful memories!  Live your life with joy and passion!

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